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Cetara on the Amalfi coast: a town which, despite being the gateway to the coast, until a few years ago was considered the cinderella, badly smelling of salting, on the port of smelly damp nets, while today it is a gastronomic destination indeed, as they say now, a gourmet destination. What is the traditional anchovy sauce of Cetara, (…). It is the identity of a people, of my people. It is something that certainly does not have roots in Sicily or Calabria, it is not the brine extract that we see on sale in many bottles (…)
The traditional anchovy sauce from Cetara has a precise specification, defined production techniques, the basic raw material which is not easily available and even worse transportable, given the time to start production.

Pasquale Torrente

“… I am not describing the production, instead I want to continue telling what it is for me.
The words of the book Come to Italy with me of my friend Massimo Bottura come to me: in one passage he says “my muscles are made of Parmigiano Reggiano and balsamic vinegar flows in my veins”.
I say that my muscles are made of salted anchovies and in my blood flows of traditional anchovies from Cetara, the same flow that flows in the veins of my son Gaetano that I see little in the arms of my grandfather who corrected the flavor of traditional spaghetti with lemon drops directly on the bites. ”  Cit. Pasquale Torrente

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