Olio Extravergine di Oliva – Villa Manodori


500 ml


Villa Manodori Extra Virgin Olive Oil was created to compliment all the Villa Manodori Balsamic condiments.
Its spicy, green tomato flavor derives from handpicked olives that are cold pressed. Villa Manodori Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used extensively by Massimo Bottura from the preparation to the finishing of plates at Osteria Francescana.

Villa Manodori

The name Villa Manodori harks back to a 16th century estate located in Modena’s countryside. Great feasts of local game were often the custom at the Estensi Estate. Their renowned aceto balsamico was served as a digestive at the end of each meal. Chef Bottura takes great pride in Modenese culinary traditions and products. He has been commited over the past twelve years to restoring the Villa Manodori Acetaia to its noble past.

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