Capers with salt – Heinz Beck


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Contrary to popular belief, capers are not the fruit of the plant but rather the buds of the inflorescence that form a magnificent flower when they bloom. Between the end of May and the middle of August of each year, the uncracked buds are harvested one by one, divided according to size and added with sea salt. They are then stirred daily to favor fermentation which gives the right ripeness and particularly intense flavor to the tasty small, hard and green buds.

Heinz Beck

Nowadays, Heinz Beck is known as one of the most notable “Masters” of gastronomy in the world.
His unique interpretation of the “Modern” kitchen goes beyond his undisputed culinary talent, but includes the utmost attention toward the selection of ingredients and their transformation into highly innovative flavors.
Beyond an excellent career as a highly decorated Chef, Heinz Beck has been heralded as a leader in Italian and Mediterranean culinary tradition.
Among numerous awards, Chef Beck has been recognized by “Michelin”, “Bibenda”, “Gambero Rosso” and “L’Espresso” (just to name a few).
His profound understanding of the culinary culture is revealed in several of his texts, which address more than culinary practices.
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